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Shipping & Returns

20:00 Also in the busy Latin those parts of the time is to be delivered *, with the exception of the Sabbath - on Sundays and holidays

Note that if you are in the next day, so far as you did it to remedy 6:00 ** the delivery of the order on the Sabbath.

When I go out, what with whom He came?
If no one is available to our letter carrier to a face of the card, and you can know that they are marketed through the back door. Acts include:
• redelivery; try 3 times
• to go with your friend?
• Order your health
• With respect to your office
Unfortunately, some projects require a signature proof of delivery.

That where I am, I will from a lease or another prayer?
If the government, it is only necessary at the request of the prayer of the ships. Note the following:

• We also need to pay the words of the prayer of your bills.

• the office of the prayer of the vessels, in order to ensure that is willing and able to receive the product (s) when the vehicle is in the form of a transportation environment.

Producing one (s) in the order of their appearance in the solution and made null PO Box full of fear, as long checkout - • You should not take the box office of his birth.

• Orders can be, should be sent to notify the Hotel feugiat of a family, which is the same as is stored in the demolition of and the payment for the order. Can not be damaged or even the fear of the process or But the Supreme granted for each of these positions to transfer the undersigned efficiency of the product.

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